RiskSTOP is now the UK's largest independant provider of risk management services to the insurance sector.  They achieved this within 5 years of their formation, with the simple philosophy - to be the best at what we do and to do it well.

How we helped

Building Blox IT were initially contacted by RiskSTOP to provide consultancy on a network backup solution, based around our BLOX technology.  With the nature of the RiskSTOP data, it was decided to produce a bespoke backup server with multiple storage devices in a RAID configuration, with the addition of a removable drive as part of the array.  This allowed the network administrator to hot swap a backup copy of the entire server at the end of the working day without impacting on performance.  

Since being commisioned to produce the initial storage server, Building Blox have produced several other bespoke servers, all based around our BLOX technologies.  These servers have continually proved to be resilient under the workload that a top-flight business can put them under.

Recently RiskSTOP contacted Building Blox to perform an assessment of their ISO-27001 IT procedures.   

The future?

RiskSTOP is at the cutting edge of their industry, providing risk management solutions to clients nationwide.  As their requirements have grown, Building Blox IT have risen to the challenge and supported them every step of the way and look forward to continuing to do so into the future.

To discuss your requirements and costs please email us at [email protected]