Founded in 2004 and based in Nottingham, TDX is the UK's leading independent debt liquidation expert offering creditors the Platforms, Tools and Services needed to optimise returns from debt.

TDX help clients tackle three key debt challenges; optimising debt placement and management with PLATO, selling debt with VENDO and managing insolvency with TIX. They also offer Advisory services giving creditors access to their data and expertise to drive strategy enhancements in their business.

How we helped

Building Blox IT provided an onsite consultant to assist with the development of the initial PLATO proof of concept as well as developer support for 'Business as Usual' tasks.  This included client take-ons for Sky, Vodafone Spain and Telstra - their first Australian client. 

After an initial consultancy period during 2011/12, Building Blox IT were invited back to assist TDX Group during a performance and stability project in 2017, enhancing the capabilities and performance of the PLATO product.

To discuss your requirements and costs please email us at [email protected]