This example highlights the underlying cost of an expensive human resource doing a mundane but essential daily business task versus an automated technology solution in a managed environment.

Cost of Tape Backup:

This assumes Tape Backup at the end of each working day (5 days a week) for daily & weekly backups, with tapes being cycled & taken offsite every night. This example shows Admin staff cost ONLY, it EXCLUDES costs for tape drive, tape media, support & maintenance.

The table below shows the following calculation:

Staff Cost Per Hour x Backup Hours Per Day x Backups Per Month = Cost Per Month x Contract Term = Total

Tape Backup Costs
Staff Cost Per Hour Staff Hours Per Backup Backups Per Month Cost Per Month Contract Term Total
£11  0.5  22  £121  36  £4356

Cost of full Disaster Recovery solution:

This includes:

  • Installation & configuration of BLOX's Hardware (x2) & software at 2 sites
  • All active monitoring, support, maintenance & replacement costs (parts & labour) during 36 months
  • Individually tailored backup schedules per user, with automatic history for changes & deletions
  • Tailored schedule to offsite Disaster Recovery (can exceed once per day)
  • Schedules can be run 7 days a week (not just 5 as costed for tape backup)
  • NO human interaction required, once setup it is automatic, and it is monitored by Building Blox IT
  • Customer data is restored to a customer disk when the rental period terminates
  • Fixed monthly cost for rental period
  • 100% tax deductible
BLOX Backup Costs
Contract Term Initial Payment Rental P.M. Servers Capacity Total
 36 months   £499  35 x £99 1 Onsite
1 Offsite
 0.5 TB  £3964


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