In the event of a disaster making the onsite business data unavailable, a Building Blox IT engineer will assist in making the business data available at the recovery site as soon as possible.

The engineer will provide replacement onsite BLOX(s) as necessary, and restore the business data using the offsite drBLOX, drmultiBLOX or dualBLOX for data recovery.

In cases where the business data must be made available urgently, as an interim temporary measure, the offsite drBLOXserver can be relocated to the recovery site, and reconfigured as a fileBLOX, to allow user access to the data. This facility is ONLY available on a drBLOX.

The engineer's time will be charged at the prevailing Building Blox IT hourly rate, with a minimum charge of 4 hours.

In addition, any replacement BLOX(s) will be charged at hardware replacement cost, plus the prevailing Building Blox IT assembly, build, configuration & installation costs. It is assumed that the customer will recover these costs from their insurer.


To discuss your requirements and costs please email us at [email protected]