drmultiBLOX provides automated offsite Disaster Recovery Storage for multiple onsite fileBLOX servers, only replicating the changes to files rather than copying the whole file each time, thus saving time and network bandwidth (especially important over the internet where speeds are considerably slower than a local network).

Sharing the drmultiBLOX's offsite Disaster Recovery functionality between multiple sites minimises BLOX rental, and client broadband costs.

drmultiBLOX has 2 disk drives enabling it to withstand a disk drive failure and continue to function. Current disk capacity's are 0.5TB, 1TB, 1.5TB & 2TB (usable).

Processing power is provided by a 1.5Ghz LOW power consumption CPU, with 1GB RAM, and Gbit Networking, packing a lot of capability into a small GREEN foot-print.