dualBLOX provides fileBLOX & drBLOX functionality in 1 physical server. This is an efficient solution for clients with 2 sites requiring an automated backup solution, as rather than providing a fileBLOX & drBLOXfor each site (4 BLOX's in total), a pair of dualBLOX servers provides the same level of functionality, thus halving the server count and rental costs!

dualBLOX has 2 disk drives enabling it to withstand a disk drive failure and continue to function. Current disk capacity's are 0.5TB, 1TB, 1.5TB & 2TB (usable).

Processing power is provided by a 1.5Ghz LOW power consumption CPU, with 1GB RAM, and Gbit Networking, packing a lot of capability into a small GREEN foot-print.