fileBLOX provides Network Attached Storage (NAS) AND Network Backup Storage to Windows or Linux PC's, and Apple MAC's.

The base NAS configuration provides a "public" file sharing area for all users, plus a "private" file area per user. The "public" and "private" areas are controlled via the administrator web-based interface and can be disabled if not required.

Network Backup Storage for Windows PC's are provided by a desktop backup application, which allows both user scheduled and on-demand backup's to the server. Once a user has scheduled their backup requirements, the desktop application will automatically run the backup(s) as per the schedule(s), providing their PC is switched on.

fileBLOX stores the current files separately, and keeps a history of changed and deleted files in an easily recoverable form which is only limited by disk capacity, not cycles, as in conventional backup systems.

fileBLOX has 2 disk drives enabling it to withstand a disk drive failure and  continue to function. Current disk capacity's are 0.5TB, 1TB, 1.5TB & 2TB (usable).

Processing power is provided by a 1.5Ghz LOW power consumption CPU, with 1GB RAM, and Gbit Networking, packing a lot of capability into a small GREEN foot-print.

To discuss your requirements and costs please email us at [email protected]